NL Students

Students matter at Northlife!

There are three environments for teenagers in our ministry. Each one is designed to strategically invite teenagers on a journey into deeper relationships with their peers, leaders, and Jesus. Each environment is designed with every teenager in mind – the kid who’s grown up in church and the first-time visitor too.


    Throughout the year, we’ll host several big events designed to help teenagers connect with their peers and small group leaders. Events are often the environment where teenagers will walk into our ministry for the very first time.


    Our weekly programs happen every single week. They’re designed to help teenagers grow in four key areas: spending time with God, spending time with others, using their gifts, and sharing their story.


    Small groups are the most important part of what we do. They happen every week in our programs, but the relationships built in small groups extend outside the walls of our church. They’re designed to connect every teenager with a consistent trustworthy adult and community of their peers.


We value your students and are passionate about sharing Jesus with them in a loving and caring environment. Your student’s safety is very important to us. Be assured that all staff and volunteers involved in this ministry have had background checks.

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